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Submit an Idea

The Concrete Masonry Checkoff Board accepts program idea submissions around six strategic pillars: design assistance, educating design pros, workforce development, marketing, codes and standards and finally, research.

Marketing & Promotions

Promote masonry to high-value audiences (through advertising, public relations, etc.) to impact perceptions and decision-making.

Codes & Standards

Advance the competitive position of masonry through improvements to building codes and standards.

Education & Research

Create partnerships with colleges and universities to cultivate future designers and construction managers.

Concrete Masonry Outreach

Ensure every region has trained labor to meet increased demand for concrete block units through local partnerships with MCAA and IMI.

Educate Design Pros

Directly connect with designers and influencers, educating them on masonry’s strengths and use.

Design Assistance

Provide free services to support architects and engineers to offset their limited margins and resources.