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Promoting CMU Depends on YOU

With the Concrete Masonry Checkoff in place, our industry is now equipped to help media deliver stories based on the facts. Our mix of national and regional representation enables us to crowdsource ideas from across the country like few organizations can. As our eyes and ears on the ground, each of you play an important role in shaping this new narrative. Your credibility and unique perspective add the depth and dimension needed to craft compelling stories.

Showcasing the benefits of block on a bigger stage takes a team effort. And we want each of you to feel supported throughout the “story-mining” process. Each region will have a designated point person to help develop and prioritize media pitches throughout the year, which will be communicated to each region’s Chair and Vice Chair in the near future.

Our aim as a Checkoff is to engage new audiences with tangible examples of block’s inherent beauty, versatility, local economic boost, etc. If we’re to combat misconceptions that “block is boring,” it is imperative that we show contemporary examples of block being used in new or unexpected ways. For example, the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona is on the verge of completing a state-of-the-art expansion with its planetarium made possible by concrete masonry.

This is one instance of CMU changing the game — just the tip of the iceberg! Through CMC’s expansive network of stakeholders, we stand to uncover dozens of other examples. Here are some thought-starters to show how we might convey the benefits of CMU:

  • Partnerships – CMU has been featured in national efforts like Habitat for Humanity. How prevalent are these projects and is there opportunity to expand or shine a spotlight on these partnerships?
  • Community Landmarks – Across the country, masonry is entrusted to build structures that foster communities like schools, churches and community centers. How is CMU helping to ensure communities build a lasting legacy?
  • Innovation – The CMU production process continues to evolve to meet economic and environmental demands. What role do startups play in making CMU an even more sustainable solution going forward?
  • Accessory Dwelling Units – With housing prices and the cost of living on the rise, we’ve seen an influx of ADUs as property owners try to accommodate family members and renters: a trend that combines humanity and economics.
  • Local Economy – Concrete masonry provides a big boost to the local economy in terms of jobs and materials. Specific examples of such projects in your community are welcome.
  • Spotlight on Local Leader/Block Hero – Is there someone within the industry who is thinking outside the box in a way that benefits their community or our industry?
  • Block by Block – Resident or tenant of a concrete structure who can elaborate on the long-term benefits of living with block.
  • Whether you have a big idea or just an inkling, we want to hear from you. Thanks in advance for your help advancing this important initiative.

    Brendan Quinn
    Chair, CMC Communications Committee