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After receiving more than 45 nominations from producers around the country, the Department of Commerce announced the final Board in August 2022. Board seats are staggered in two-, three- and four-year terms, all of which end on December 31st of the designated year.

Checkoff Staff

Kim Spahn


Alicia Hodges

Program Director

Executive Committee

Major Ogilvie


Kendall Anderegg

Vice Chair

Pat Sauter


Erik Absalon

Executive Committee Member

Rich O’Connor

Executive Committee Member

Board Members

Dwayne Aucoin

Mike Finch

Sam Finney


Rocky Fizzano


Jim Gendron


Greg Gibbel

Gary Hensley

Heidi Jandris

Melissa Kline

Mike Littrell


Ryan Ross

Sean Rustad

Brendan Quinn

Preston Sparkman

Mark Wilhelms


Brian Austin