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Governing Definitions

Our program operates under a series of very precise definitions spelled out in the approved Order. They are the basis for our guidelines and are shown here in the following excerpts:
  • § 1500.2 Block machine

    Block machine means a piece of equipment that utilizes vibration and compaction to form concrete masonry products.
  • § 1500.5 Concrete masonry products

    Concrete masonry products means a broader class of products, including concrete masonry units as well as hardscape products such as concrete pavers and segmental retaining wall units, manufactured on a block machine using dry-cast concrete.
  • § 1500.6 Concrete masonry unit

    Concrete masonry unit means a concrete masonry product that is a manmade masonry unit having an actual width of 3 inches or greater and manufactured from dry-cast concrete using a block machine. Such term includes concrete block and related concrete units used in masonry applications.
  • § 1500.9 Dry-cast concrete

    Dry-cast concrete means a composite material that is composed essentially of aggregates embedded in a binding medium composed of a mixture of cementitious materials (including hydraulic cement, pozzolans, or other cementitious materials) and water of such a consistency to maintain its shape after forming in a block machine
  • § 1500.15 Masonry unit

    Masonry unit means a noncombustible building product intended to be laid by hand or joined using mortar, grout, surface bonding, post-tensioning or some combination of these methods.